Traditional Breed Cuts /Lifestyle Cuts (great for the beach dog)/ Designer Cuts

A full groom includes cleaning out the hair under the paws around the pads, between the back legs, clean and pluck (if required) the ears, bath at which time we can express the anal glands (if required), a blow dry and groom out the coat then clip the softened toe nails. We then clip the coat to the style we had agreed upon. At DogsBody Grooming Parlour we always do two shampoos.  When required on exceptionally dirty dogs a third or fourth shampoo is done.  If your dog has an itchy skin we will use an Oatmeal based shampoo or if the skin is very sensitive we use a medicated shampoo.  When we notice fleas or ticks during the bath we finish with a natural pyrethrin flea rinse.

During the bath and drying process we give your pet a free health check and inform you of any problems such as sore joints, hot spots, ear/eye infections, fleas etc.

Quotations for grooming depends on the size and service your dog requires. Our prices start from $75.

Please call (09) 473 1500 for a verbal quotation.

A full groom includes: 


We cleaning out the hair under the paws around the pads. Dogs with medium to long coat on their body often also have more hair on their paws, this extra hair can catch burrs, foxtails, mud and other debris and create problems.


Nails that are too long for a long time can even deform the paw or curve around and grow into the paw. Whatever service you choose we always clip toe nails. 


Very important part of the grooming, we remove excess hair from ears and also clean with a special ear cleaner.


This service contains shampooing with a specific shampoo your dogs coat requires, 2-3 times depending on the fur condition, we can express the anal glands (if required) ,applying conditioner , rinsing off, brush and blow


Traditional Breed Cuts /Lifestyle Cuts (great for the beach dog)/ Designer Cuts, haircut after a consultation with owner, blow-dry and styling.